Lineage: Renzo Gracie > Brian Miller > Omar "Big-o" Cruickshank

I'm a 6'2" 315 lbs Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Brian Miller. My heroes are now peers. No more baby steps. All my goals will be accomplished. This is just the beginning God willing.

Here is what I've done in the past years:

I created the "The Crook Choke" and "The Jamaican Necktie"
2007- Naga Battle of the Beach 3rd place advanced
Grapplers Quest Liberty Challenge 1st place advanced
UGC absoulute 1st place over 200 advanced
Mid-Atlantic Championship 1st place advanced
2008- Naga Nationals 2nd place advanced
Grapplers Quest Nationals 2nd place advanced
No Gi Pan Ams 1st place Ultra Heavy Weight Purple belt
2009- Pro Jitsu 3rd place
Grapplers Quest Beast of the East 1st place advanced
Renzo Gracie Invitational 1st Super Heavy Purple belt
2nd place Purple belt Absolute
2nd Grapplers Quest 2010
2nd Place PGL Super Heavyweight Tournament


I'm 6'4", 255lbs, and I've been a student of the BJJ game since I was 18 years old. I'm a Brown belt under OMAR CRUICKSHANK, and I've trained just about everywhere in the Philadelphia area. I've also been a strength and conditioning coach for 10 years, certified through AAAi/ISMA. I taught gi/no-gi under Kevin Quigg at Twisted Misfit JJ in Maple Glen for 6 years, and I've helped many students polish their game. My style is grounded strongly in fundamental techniques and principles, but my game can be very experimental and flow oriented. You find me somewhere between an armbar and a Peruvian Necktie.

Scott Brady


Birthday 1/20/1980
Ht6'1 Wt200
Instructor:Kenneth Brach
Team: Balance/Crush Crew
Fav Submission: Darce Choke sikeee
I started training in 2008 under Kenny Brach under the watchful eye of John Hassett. I have a hybrid kinda style of jiu jitsu with a mix of old school gracie jiu jitsu with modern jiu jitsu/sambo elements aka I like leg locks. Aside from jiu jitsu I enjoy retro video games, animals, art and metal music. I would prob enjoy horseback riding on the beach as well if I had access to a horse or small mule.

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